Nicotine - What You Need to Know

Nicotine is a chemical substance which contains nitrogen known as alkaloid. This can be found in various types of plants which includes the tobacco plant. This type of nicotine is called Nicotiana tabacum which are also synthetically created. Aside from this, nicotine is also known as an effective antiherbivore chemical used to eliminate different kinds of insects thereby, it can also be used as an insecticide.

Nicotine is a family of alkaloid, a chemical compound together with strychnine and caffeine. They all taste bitter and “poisonous” that even animals do not attempt to take a bite. However, humans are somewhat adventurous and perverse in nature, instead of heeding the warnings rather takes it as a challenge and find pleasure in the particular bitter taste.

Effects of Nicotine

  • It can change how your body and brain function. It acts as a stimulant and at times relaxes a user. It all depends on the quantity and how frequently a person uses nicotine products.
  • It creates a sudden release of adrenaline hormones, the feeling when you get when you’re nearing a deadline or experiencing some emergency situations.
  • Apart from the brain, the smoke makes the heart beat rapidly abnormal.
  • Nicotine also increases blood pressure.
  • Breathing is more shallow and quite fast.
  • Nicotine addiction can also result in blocking the release of the hormone known as insulin resulting in hyperglycemia, which means there is the existence of more sugar that goes in the blood than normal.
  • Smoking can also lead to unhealthy weight loss because it can increase one’s metabolic rate to some extent, You can therefore burn more calories compared to just sitting down.
  • Bad cholesterol is also possibly increased which can destroy arteries, and leads to strokes and cardiac arrests.


Nicotine, being an addictive chemical substance can cause an adverse effect on the health and physical conditions of the one using it and make it very difficult to stop chewing tobacco. Primarily, it is not only the nicotine content that is in a piece of cigarette or chewing tobacco that is present, but because of the other thousands of harmful chemicals that it contains. In reality, it is how these substances are delivered to the body system that causes the onset of a variety of diseases on a person who had been already using tobacco for over longer period of time. Cardiovascular diseases and lung problems had been noted to be the most common health conditions that are related to tobacco consumption.

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