Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine is very much addictive. Toxins begin to enter your body and brains seconds after you inhale your first puff. Nicotine is absorbed very rapidly in the blood, and the brain releases some adrenaline which creates a feeling of satisfaction and vigor. Smokers describes the fleeting feeling as the “buzz.” If the buzz begins to fade, there is an unwanted feeling of tiredness and gradually a little down and makes you want to light another one again. This can eventually make one’s body come tolerant to the substance nicotine, and you’ll be needing more than you think to meet the particular pleasant effect of nicotine thus enabling you to continue chewing to a larger extent.

Even if a person desires to quit and withdraw from this harmful habit, addiction had already overlapped that objective. Withdrawing or breaking the habit is more difficult to other people compared to some. In some instances, medical attention is necessary in order to materialize the will to quit smoking. Determination and perseverance are the major factors for the withdrawal, and it will take more patience than needed in order to achieve this desire quit.

Is Nicotine Addiction Common?

Ordinarily, people experience their nicotine fix or kick mainly by smoking cigarette and tobacco, but they can also attain this through snorting snuff, or tobacco chewing. This is also possible through nicotine patches, lozenges, gums, inhalators and now herbal chews.

Statistics from the World Health Organization shows that over a billion people are now regular smokers all over the world. According to WHO, approximately a total percentage of 23% male adults and 18% of female adults are already kicking the smoking habit in the Unites States of America. There had been a recorded 400,000 who had experienced premature deaths, and almost 205 were death reports, all linked to smoking habits. This is considered a lot higher compared to people who died because of HIV, vehicular accidents, murders, drug abuse, all of these combined.

In the United Kingdom, it was reported that 25% adult males, 23% female adults are regular smokers. Around 114,000 smokers had prematurely died in the UK annually. Studies and researches revealed that most British would want to quit the habit, but lose determination and confidence to pursue the desire. The other half however, succeeded in their goal to quit.

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