Chewing Tobacco Alternatives

There are a lot of options that you can use as a chewing tobacco alternative such as nicotine gum, herbal snuff, sun flower seeds and even sugarless gum. For those of us that use tobacco straight out of bed, and consume more then a few dips a day are more likely to benefit from a nicotine replacement method. Most nicotine replacement methods allow you to steadily decrease your nicotine intake making it easier to adjust and less likely to lash out at friends or family. Of course the best decision is the decision to quit cold turkey and leave tobacco for good.

Chewing tobacco alternatives can be found in supermarkets, drugstores and are as simple as straws, hard candy or even tooth picks. You can preoccupy yourself by eating some sunflower seeds or using an herbal snuff so that you can deviate your mind from reaching for a can of dip.

Important: Never smoke a cigarette to substitute your need for smokeless tobacco. While this may seem like a good idea, it can further your addiction and sadly many who have tried this method end up smoking and dipping greatly increasing your chances of getting cancer.

Nicotine Gum A Tried and True Tobacco Alternative

Nicotine gum is a type of chewing gum which releases nicotine to the body, is considered a tobacco cessation product and remains a popular nicotine replacement therapy. Nicotine gum can be chewed regularly or as needed. This medication can help reduce withdrawal symptoms when quitting, such as cravings, nervousness and headache, however it may not stop these symptoms completely.

There are things which you have to keep in mind when using nicotine gum. Always remember not to chew the nicotine gum too fast and do not chew more than one piece of it at a time as nicotine is a toxic substance the quick release from multiple pieces can make you sick. Make sure not to chew more than 24 pieces in a day. Nicotine gum may also cause other side effects, and you may want to speak with your physician before starting.

Nicotine gum is currently available over-the-counter in individual foil packages and in different flavors. The nicotine content is usually between 2 or 4 mg which is roughly the nicotine content of 1 or 2 cigarettes. For those that dip, it may take a  little time to get used to the lower nicotine level, but this should only take a couple days for the body to fully adjust. you may find your self chewing nicotine gum more frequently through out the day.


Herbal Snuff As a Chewing Tobacco Alternative

Herbal Snuff is a great alternative to chewing tobacco and many have found success through using it.There are many options from different companies who make these products so finding a version where the flavor and consistency is what you are looking for should not be a problem. Do keep in mind that herbal snuff is not made from tobacco, so it is not going to taste exactly like your old can.

The only downside to using herbal snuff as a chewing tobacco alternative is that is mimics the habit, and some may find it all to easy to slip back to the old can. For others this habit resembles the old so closely it makes it an easy transition and is a standard feature of most quit plans.

Now there is also nicotine herbal snuff on the market that allows you to transfer your habit to a different kind of chewing tobacco alternative. Some companies allow the option of different nicotine strengths so you can step down much like nicotine gum.

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