Where to Get Help

So, if all other methods have failed, where else do you go to find help? For one, a family can be a good moral support. Family together with close friends are the ones who have experienced firsthand what you are experiencing. Family members have a positive effect on the chewer’s end and can help with your objective to quit. Talk to a family member who may have undergone the same situation and who can share his or her experiences about quitting and the withdrawal process. This can be very beneficial to you.Talk to your spouse and children and explain to them what you need from them on a daily basis to stay strong.

A doctor can play an important role in the quitting process. When moral support fails or for those of us who are single, talking with a professional is a good step in the right direction. This person can present a subjective judgment on what you need to do in this state of affairs. They can give you advice in terms of the medical aspects and offer alternatives that will work.

Finding a Group for Support

There are also different organizations and associations that hosts patients with similar problems as smokers and alcohol. These groups will help support, educate and share techniques that members have had success with. These groups can often help you adapt a quit plan that will work for you due to the input of other members.  After all, we are different and one technique does not work for everyone. Furthermore, knowing you have a group of individuals who have mastered quitting tobacco can give you the strength you need to quit once and for all. A great place to search for a group in your area is through Nicotine Anonymous.

Get a Quit Buddy

Another great method of support is finding a quit buddy. If you have a friend or family member that is also looking to quit, walking the road together and supporting each other can be very beneficial. If you feel yourself about to break, call your quit buddy! It is also helpful to plan activities together such as jogging or playing sports each day giving you time to discuss your temptation, how your quit is going and help each other feel positive about the choice.

The temptation to chew is always there to entice you. Always remember to be consistent and persistent. Get a plan, find support and kick the habit!

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