Helping a Family Member or Spouse Quit

Working with a family member who is looking to stop chewing tobacco can be a very difficult task. It is important to not get upset or be over bearing, especially in the first few days. Remain patient, this will take some time. It is also important to respect that your family member quitting is in charge, as this is their change lifestyle and challenge, not yours. Try to have faith in the person you are helping, even if they slip up once in a while. Keep in mind; t is a big deal to quit chewing tobacco and real support will take earning trust and guiding your family member along the way.

You should ask them how frequently they would like you to follow up on how they are doing and feeling. You should not just inquire about if they are sticking with the quit, but focus on being a supportive role and build trust. If your spouse or family member has slipped they should feel you are a welcoming base of support not a person who will react negatively. Remember this is a process, and often takes multiple attempts. You can’t force them to quit, and trying to could push them in the opposite direction.

If you are living with the person trying to stop chewing tobacco, make sure they have the things they need to be successful and keep their mind off dipping. Hard candy, fruits and even straws are great cheap alternatives you have have a ready supply of. Another easy way to help is by inviting them into activities such as sports, walks, games or even movies. Generally an activity that involves physical exertion will be most effective and providing a lasting effect. To your dipper, snuff is an old friend that has always been there in time of need. Transferring this friend to a habit such as running, biking or daily fitness is a great way stay motivated and are often activities that can be enjoyed in pairs.

When getting involved with a person who is trying to quit tobacco it is advised to help lift the stress of daily life. You should also consider building this into a reward system that will help them celebrate as they progress. This can include things like cook meal, taking them out for the night or joining them in a favorite activity.

We hope tips help you with your approach in helping someone quit dipping. If needed you can always talk to a medical professional for more advice and ideas. You can also ask other quitters and those still in the process in our community question and answer forum or get some more quitting tips.