Does Hypnosis Work to Quit Tobacco?

In general, hypnosis may or may not work for everyone. The ratio is 1 out of 4 people who under go this procedure are not even hypnotized. In addition, the amount of hypnosis can differ from one person to another. There are fluctuations in the results however and many are indefinite. A study using Speigel’s method of hypnosis revealed that nearly 50 percent of the patients who undergo hypnosis for smoking ceased the habit after 11 months of treatment. As chewing is less common amongst tobacco users, there is less data but results should be similar as the addiction is the same. Granted as there is no governing body for this practice, and since patience are often only polled in house by the proceeding doctor, results may be skewed.

The American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute cite that using hypnosis to help smokers quit the habit is not endorsed as an effective method. Other promotional sites and websites say otherwise but still the American Medical Association did not approve of this therapy to stop chewing tobacco. They believe that there is no scientific or medical basis whatsoever. In addition, they have never issued an official position on hypnosis.

That means that hypnosis may not be that efficient when it comes to quitting. The majority of tobacco users have not welcomed the idea of this method for fear and doubts about what it can possibly do to the mind on a long term basis. Instead, traditional ways of retreating from the habit are preferred. Hypnosis is not a recommend form of quitting, and the underlying risks should be carefully analyzed before undergoing such a procedure.

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